Telecommunication Infrastructure

Infracomm delivers complete End-to-End full Turnkey telecommunication site build services

Infracomm’s various service divisions are each headed by an industry-leading manager, with both the latest qualifications and a history of successful experience in their respective fields. Design, Implementation Project Management, Maintenance, Procurement, Logistics, Administration and Sales remain group functions that allow economy of scale.

Civil construction

We offer complete site construction – be it a new site build, roof top, lamppost, 3rd party or co-location site, and specialize in IDAS, IBS communication sites, as well as the design and deployment of MTN-approved (clean site) chimney installations. Our focus is on ensuring management of the site build within cost, on time – achieving a high-quality product every time.

Site preparation, construction & Road builds

Over the last three decades, Infracomm has gained extensive experience in building communication sites throughout the world. No tower site location is too difficult to accomplish: from clearing the site access road and compound area – building the road and site to your company’s specific requirements.

Tower Installations

Infracomm will project manage the pickup and delivery of your tower to site, providing full rigging services to assemble and erect the tower as per manufacturer’s and engineers’ of record’s requirements – utilizing either standard rigging equipment or mobile cranes – pending the site location and access logistics.


We offer foundation installation and engineering services from survey through to the complete product, with relevant engineering acceptance report:

  • Steel grillage
  • Pile foundation
  • Rock foundation
  • Raft foundation
  • Novel foundations
  • Retaining walls

Antenna Installation

Whether it’s the installation of your Low Band mobile antenna or your 5G LTE antenna network, Infracomm ensures all installations are strictly per manufacturer and customer requirements – with all necessary tools and test equipment supplied to our teams. Our fully trained field staff is highly experienced in the installation of coaxial cables, elliptical waveguides, Fibre Optic cables, DC power cables, and microwave and cellular antennas.

Unique to Southern Africa, Infracomm are the only Data Centre Professionals capable of providing true turnkey design, engineering and build solutions.

Preventative site Maintenance

Infracomm provides engineered structural and site maintenance inspections performed by a structural engineer, as well as a complete Site Engineering report with recommendations on what needs repair. Our expert staff will perform the required maintenance procedures on the site or tower.

Site grounding

Infracomm offers the expertise to Grounding Solutions, which provide comprehensive cell site grounding and telecommunication grounding solutions for Cell Site grounding, or BTS Cellular Base Station grounding. Our cell site grounding and telecommunication tower grounding services protect your valuable equipment


Infracomm is geared to provide a comprehensive managed emergency service on defective and vandalized sites. Our qualified teams are stationed regionally to repair any Civil, RF, Electrical, aircon and transmission issues.

Site Audits

Due to current congestion on tower structures caused by multiple vendors requiring a full spectrum of GSM technologies, Infracomm provides this vital service to assist clients with RF design and site cost analysis. The audit may consist of identifying exact wind loading, antenna elevation, model number and azimuth bearings, which are provided in a full report supported by a detailed accurate site plan.

Tower Mapping & Tower upgrades

Infracomm offers detailed tower mapping services, which entail the development of a site-specific tower profile providing and accurately outlining all structural member sizes, Monopole and lattice web design configuration, panel dimensions, leg sizes, gauge lines, torsion designs and sizes, as well as leg splice designs. We also offer mast upgrades that include bracing of monopoles, lattice pilling solutions, vertical/horizontal member upgrades, grout pumping and Ballast blocks.



Deployable generators in case of power failures or cable theft

Spare management and tracking

HVAC and solar services